FitPro Newsletter™ update: The world’s most effective personal trainer email marketing, client getting, client keeping, referral generating tool just got even better!

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Imagine a perfect world, where new leads, prospects and clients simply showed up to your door (or email inbox) every day.Now imagine your clients referring their friends, family and co-workers to you on a regular basis.

Imagine instead of going out and "hunting" clients (or worse, just hoping for them), new clients just appear with money in hand, ready to sign up for your programs. Instead of wasting money on dead end advertising that doesn't work, imagine if every dollar of your marketing budget is 100% accountable for getting you new prospects and clients.

And instead of spending so much time worrying about how to get clients and generate referrals like most trainers do, imagine being able to spend your time doing what you like to do – training your clients and delivering the awesome results you’re known for.

Sounds a bit over the top doesn't it? Or maybe a little too good to be true?

I'd agree with you, except I have access to information that proves otherwise.

In fact, I know thousands of fitness trainers just like you who have found the road map to take them to this "perfect world” where they don’t have to worry about their competition… they don’t have to compete on price… and they consistently get clients who pay, stay, and refer.

Seriously, just imagine getting new clients with zero struggle...

Imagine getting referrals without having to beg...

Imagine building an email list of loyal clients and prospects that you can market to anytime you want with a single click of a button.

And imagine being recognized as the local fitness and health expert in your community, instead of just another trainer.

Introducing FitPro Newsletter!

FitPro Newsletter works on autopilot around the clock to generate a steady stream of new clients and referrals so that you never have to worry about where your next client is going to come from.

Now, this may all sound like a pie in the sky dream to you…

…but the fact is, this simple technology is already helping thousands of personal training gyms, boot camps, and Cross Fit box owners automatically attract new clients, stimulate referrals, build a massive and responsive email list.

That’s right! Thousands of fitness professionals worldwide use and trust FitPro Newsletter to attract more clients, stimulate referrals, and keep their clients longer. So why aren’t you?

Take trainer Michael Seril as an example. Michael is a NSCA Personal Trainer of the Year. In the first two days of using the FitPro Newsletter™, Michael's training business generated 4 new referrals equaling $4,200 in new business.

Now Michael's results aren't average, but you wouldn't be reading this if you wanted to be average.

Understand this: results like Michael's are more than possible, provided you follow a plan that's been proven to work.

So let's jump in to the "client getting recipe" and how you can attract more clients and generate more referrals, too.

This recipe is the answer to the number one question I get from personal trainers who want to grow their business. That question is...

“How can I attract more clients?”

The recipe has three main parts. Each one is very straightforward and simple.

Step 1
You have to get your potential clients to identify themselves so you can start talking to them about the value that you provide.

This first step is where most personal trainers run into problems. Because they really have no idea how to identify high quality prospects for their services.

And you know what, I don't know either!

The good news is that you don't have to know.

That's because the easiest way to identify your potential clients is to get them to identify themselves! How you do that is what the next step of the system is all about...

Step 2
At this point in the process, your prospective clients might know you, but they certainly don't like and trust you. To get a new client, you need all three things to be true. They have to know you, like you and trust you.

Most personal trainers, when given the opportunity to speak with a potential client, will spend most of the time talking about themselves. They'll talk about what they do and how their particular approach could help the client.

Dealing with a potential client this way will do more to hurt your chances of ever getting a client than just about anything else you can do.

If you remember nothing else here, remember that talking about you is not a smart way to attract clients.

The way to attract clients is to deliver value to them. Value that they can use to help solve their problems and reach their goals.

The easiest way to do this is to publish valuable information that your potential clients can put to immediate use in their lives.

Here are just a few examples of what I'm talking about:

The images you see above are short "special reports" that you can deliver to prospective clients via email. You'll notice that these reports aren't about personal training. And they aren't plastered with the picture of the personal trainer that put them together. Instead, they contain real solutions to real problems.

One of the most powerful principles in the art of "client getting" is that to get, you must first give.

That one sentence right there could transform your business all by itself if you use it right. It's that powerful.

So here's how it works:

You make these reports available to your prospects. When someone requests one, BINGO...

You have a qualified lead

So once they request a copy of the report, then what do you do? The same thing you always do in any situation with a prospective client... you give more value!

Step 3
There is no more powerful "client getting" and "referral generating" tool than a simple email newsletter. So many trainers overlook this because frankly, it sounds too simple to be effective.

It's not sexy, it's not exciting and it's not some hyped-up silver bullet.

But it's extremely effective.

In fact, here's my promise to you:

No marketing tool or strategy is more effective, dollar for dollar, than the consistent use of a simple email newsletter.

The problem is that most fitness professionals haven't been told the real secrets behind writing powerful email broadcasts and newsletter that actually generates results. Instead, they invest hours of work putting a newsletter together and don't get much for it in the end. Eventually they stop, because it becomes obvious that “newsletters and fitness email marketing don't work.”

That's because they're not using a direct response newsletter. That's the type of newsletter that is strategically designed to get a response from your readers. It is focused on one thing and one thing only: to generate clients, referrals and business for you!

Once a prospective client is on your list, you use your newsletter to build the relationship, position you as the obvious expert and provide a reason for clients new and old to pick up the phone or email you.

Full disclosure: most personal trainers do not have the time or the interest to actually implement a marketing system like this.

I'm being completely upfront with you here. Most trainers will simply not have the time or interest to create a system like this, let alone keep it running month after month.

They won't have the time to sit down and write the special reports...

They won't have the time to put together their newsletter so it goes out (like clockwork) each and every week...

Frankly, personal trainer email marketing is totally foreign to most industry pros which only makes the idea of getting clients through email promotions all the more difficult.

And they won't have the time to put together a strategic plan that will move their readers from prospects to clients.

It's just not practical. And that's why most trainers simply don't do it.

Let's face it, you probably didn't start your fitness business so you could spend hours and hours behind closed doors working on crafting creative content for your fitness email marketing campaign.

You started your business to help you reach your goal of doing what you love. And that's probably not sitting in front of your computer writing newsletters.

But to grow your business, you need clients... you need referrals... and you need a way to attract them without slaving away 24/7.

You get paid when you're working with clients.

That means you don't have time to spend on complicated marketing systems, tired old networking events or other silver bullets that promise the world and deliver little in terms of real results.

And that's why I created FitPro Newsletter™: the most turn-key, easy-to-use, “done-for-you” client attraction system ever.

The FitPro Newsletter™ takes care of every step of the client getting system I just revealed to you... It does the work FOR YOU. Every single piece of it... DONE, without you lifting a finger.

Personal Trainer Email Marketing Made Easy...

It makes the entire process so simple that, after a few easy setup steps, you can completely walk away and forget about it... forever!

And each week, your prospects will continue to get their special reports, and their newsletter, and email broadcasts packed with valuable health and fitness information – best of all EVERY communication is written in direct response and designed to move people to action.

I'm going to show you exactly how the FitPro Newsletter™ works to get you clients and generate referrals in just a moment.

First, I'd like you to meet some of the trainers who use it and hear about some of their results:

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With FitPro Newsletter™, you become an “Instant” marketing expert without having to know anything about marketing!

That's a pretty big claim to make saying you'll be an "instant marketing expert." And in this day and age, with so many hyped-up, empty promises, I don't expect you to take my word for it. So let me prove it to you.

Here's how FitPro Newsletter™ works...

Each week, your subscribers will receive a brand new issue of your fitness newsletter in their email inbox. The newsletter will be packed with health and fitness articles written to provide valuable, build a relationship and get them to contact you.

Just to be clear, your newsletter is 100% done for you! You don't have to write a single article if you don't want to.

If you do want to get involved, the easy to use newsletter editor gives you full control over the content, appearance, and frequency of your FitPro Newsletter™. And you can easily upload and manage images and other files.

If you want to change the look of your newsletter, you can do that without knowing an ounce of geeky HTML. If you want to add your own articles or other content, that's easy too. And if you want to send other emails between issues of your newsletter, it's simple to login and take care of it – in fact FitPro Newsletter come pre loaded with multiple sequential promotional emails which are ALL Proven to deliver boatloads of new clients, like the...

  • 14 Day Fat Furnace email sequence
  • 21 Day Rapid Fat Loss Program email sequence
  • 28 Day Flat Belly Solution email sequence
  • 16 Day Sexy Slim Down email sequence
  • 16 Day Sexy Slim Down email sequence
  • 6 Week Body Transformation program email sequence
  • NEW Fitness Ambassador Contest Promotion
  • And other Done-For-You and preloaded email promotions!

You can even autopost your newsletters, broadcasts and pictures to the web through Facebook® and Twitter® and start building a flood of new viral leads, prospects, and clients!

Of course, if you want to do nothing, then the FitPro Newsletter™ will be completely done for you and sent to your list of prospects each and every week with absolutely no effort required from you! The newsletter will be sent with your email address on it, so your prospects will never know we took care of the whole thing for you.

Brand New! Automated Birthday Messages

Attract new clients, keep current clients, and bring back old ones with the new automated birthday messaging system. FitPro Newsletter™ can now automatically send personal birthday messages that make your current clients and subscribers feel welcomed, valued and special. Send a message to prospective clients or subscribers that offers them a special birthday promotion, and you can even bring back past clients by showing them you remember, miss and value them.

With FitPro,
 We'll Do the Marketing So You
 Can Focus on Your Clients!

Getting started is easy. Just login to the FitPro Newsletter™ system and add the email addresses of your clients and prospects to your online database.You can add up to 10,000 names with the basic account or up to 20,000 with a quick account upgrade.

All you need to use the FitPro Newsletter™ is an email address and an internet connection. You don't even need a website if you don't have one!

You can add and remove subscribers at any time and get access to instant reports on your new subscribers and open and click rates.

In other words, you'll have all of the information you need (with a few simple clicks) to quickly know exactly how your newsletter is performing.

So instead of taking time to manage your marketing systems, you can focus on your clients.

Get 9 Professionally Crafted
 "Lead MAGNETS" to Convert
 Website Visitors into Qualified Prospects

As a FitPro Newsletter™ subscriber you'll get access to 9 "done for you" special reports and eBooks you can offer on your website in exchange for your visitor's email address.

These reports and eBooks are designed to provide value to your website visitors, build trust, and cement you and your business as THE authority when it comes to health and fitness.

Paste a simple line of code onto your website and put these lead magnets to work to grow your newsletter list and generate more leads.

When a website visitor requests one of the reports or eBooks, they'll also get on the list to receive your weekly newsletter.

While most other fitness professionals will fill their websites with "me too" writing about what they do, you will earn instant trust by focusing on the only thing your prospects really care about: finding solutions to their problems.

The "done for you" reports and eBooks you receive as a FitPro Newsletter™ subscriber include...

7 Metabolism Boosters
Discover simple ways to boost the "thermostat" that controls how your body burns the food you consume. If you thought that the speed of your metabolism was just controlled by your genetics, you'll definitely want to see this.
Diet Myths Revealed
Get the facts you need to separate diet fact from fiction. Don't get caught up in the hype on the way to reaching your weight loss goals!
Back Pain Relief
Focused on helping you relieve back pain naturally, this short guide will give you a good overview of what causes back pain and what you can do about it.
Tight Tone Tummy
Looking for a well-toned, knot-tight tummy? It's not an impossible feat... provided you know what you're doing. Get some quick tips for getting rid of the flab and getting a tight, toned tummy.
31 Tasty, Delicious, and Guilt-Free Dessert Recipes
Yes, you can still have your cake and eat it too! Who says that healthy deserts don't taste great? Discover low fat, low sugar, delicious treats your entire family will love.
5 "Must Know" Ab Exercises
With these quick and easy "must know" exercises, you'll make sure you're not neglecting any of the muscles you need to work to get the trim and toned midsection you want.
42 Delicious Fat Burning Recipes
Discover healthy, low fat and tasty alternatives to all of your favorite recipes. Every recipe is quick and easy to prepare and packed with nutritious ingredients to help you burn fat.
Fat Burning Foods
Can eating certain foods actually help you burn fat? Don't fall for the myths, get the real scoop in this special report.
21 Insider Tips To Fitness Success
Which of these tips could help you reach your fitness goals? Get access to a long list of simple tips you can start using today!

As you can see, you'll have quite a long list of valuable information to offer visitors to your website in exchange for their email address. This is the quickest and most effective way to build your newsletter list.

Compare this to most personal trainers who are stuck offering discounts in hope of trying to get a prospect or client. The FitPro Newsletter™ approach will immediately set you apart from the competition and make it clear that you are the expert when it comes to health and fitness.

Facebook Squeeze Page Lead Generators

Getting more personal training and boot camp clients just got easier! Now you can easily drop any of the eight ready-to-use FitPro Newsletter squeeze pages right into your Facebook fan page and start getting more leads, prospects and clients.

All FitPro Newsletter list builders and opt-ins can now be dropped into your fan page so that you can instantly start building a bigger email list through Facebook ads, Facebook Sponsored Stories, and viral traffic.

FitPro Newsletter™ Is Simple 
Enough For Anyone to Use... Even If 
You're Not a Computer Geek!

If you can click a mouse, you'll have no trouble using the FitPro Newsletter™ system to put your client attraction and referral generation on autopilot. This really is personal trainer email marketing made easy and automatic! 

In fact, using our simple template system, you can create web forms, squeeze pages and popup or link popup squeeze opt-ins to collect your website visitor's contact information.

You can even create pages for prospects to schedule free consultations. It literally takes less than 5 minutes!

Each newsletter that gets sent to your subscribers can include a link to encourage them to schedule a consultation.

But it gets even better than that...

Because each FitPro Newsletter™ issue your subscribers receive will also have another link to click that will basically...

Turn Your Newsletter Subscribers 
Into a Free Virtual Sales Force 
For YOUR Business!

There's no easier way to attract clients than to have the people that know you, like you and trust you do it for you.

The FitPro Newsletter™ includes a "referral generator" which allows your newsletter subscribers to easily recommend you and your newsletter to their friends. (Canadian Anit-Spam Law features built-in to ensure compliance for Canadian users.) Just stop for a minute and really get what that could mean for your business.

By having a simple and automatic way for your subscribers to spread the word about you, you can develop a steady stream of referrals with zero effort.

Your newsletter subscribers become your virtual sales force to help you build your business.

And considering most people know about 250 other people, just imagine how many people could learn about your personal training business!

You get brand new leads for your personal training business with absolutely ZERO work. I told you this was easy.

Plus, with FitPro Newsletter you get pre crafted squeeze pages to capture emails.

You also get fifteen pre-made, fully customizable, and ready to use popup and link popup opt-ins. Or use the drag-and-drop editor to make your own popup opt-in and offer— it's quick and easy to do.

But keep reading, because we're just about to get to the really important part where I tell you...

How to Use the FitPro Newsletter™ to
 Generate Income on Demand!

Marketing experts know that "the money is in the list." Your subscriber and client list serves as the foundation of your entire marketing system. It is simply the most valuable asset you have in your business, without exception.

But having a list and knowing how to use it to generate income are two very different things. The good news is that we've done all of that strategic planning and thinking for you.

As a FitPro Newsletter™ subscriber, you'll get access to prewritten promotional email campaigns that will basically allow you to generate clients and referrals on demand.

There's no reason to become a master copywriter or pay someone thousands of dollars to help you write your fitness email copy. We've done all of the hard (and expensive) work for you. All you need to do is decide which promotions you want to send. So instead of just waiting for clients and referrals to come to you, you can use these professionally written emails to generate business when you want it.

From the outside, it'll probably look like magic. And your competition won't really understand how you manage to stay so busy. But you'll know the secret: it's really just the result of smart marketing.

My hunch is that you'll be very surprised by the results you can create with a few simple emails.

How To Use the FitPro Newsletter™ To 
Uncover the Gold That's Right In Front 
Of You, Just Waiting To Get Picked Up!

Think back to some of your past personal training clients... the good ones that just kind of disappeared. What ever happened to them?

With the FitPro Newsletter™, you'll have access to prewritten email messages that you can use to reactivate those old clients. Most personal trainers are just too busy to keep former clients like these from falling through the cracks.

With FitPro Newsletter™, you won't be like most trainers...

Your former clients will continue to get your newsletter each and every week. Plus... you'll get even MORE prewritten and high converting email messages that you can send to generate referrals, reactivate clients, promote new offers, and deliver more value.

The proposition here is pretty simple: You get clients and leads without doing any work. The FitPro Newsletter™ does it all for you. You just have to click "Send."

By this point, you probably want to know how much the FitPro Newsletter™ costs to put it to work in your business.

I'll get to that in just a second, but first I want to make sure you know this:

The ONLY "Catch" That You Must 
Know About the FitPro Newsletter™

The FitPro Newsletter™ is the simplest and most effective client getting, client keeping and referral generating system ever created. But there's something you must know about it before you even consider becoming a subscriber.

Just like any tool, it can be used wisely or it can be used foolishly.

That's why the FitPro Newsletter™ has a Zero Tolerance Policy when it comes to SPAM. If you are suspected of using the system to send SPAM or unsolicited email, your account will be terminated immediately.

If you're OK with that, then consider this your invitation to become a FitPro Newsletter™ subscriber today. For only $69.95 per month, you can put your entire client attraction and referral generation system on autopilot.

Or if you pay for a year up front you can save a lot more!

But I want you to try it for a full 30-days for $1 and see how easy it is to get more clients… then decide for yourself. Fair enough?

To hire a marketing expert to do all of this for you would probably cost thousands of dollars, but as a FitPro Newsletter™ subscriber, you get access to the entire system for just pennies on the dollar.

  • You get a completely "done for you" newsletter sent to your subscribers every single week, like clockwork.
  • You get 9 professionally crafted eBooks and special report lead magnets you can use to transform website visitors into qualified prospects.
  • You get "done in less than 5 minutes" web pages and web forms you can use to capture leads, generate referrals and schedule free consultations.
  • You get prewritten email campaigns you can use to generate business when you need and want it. Plus you get email campaigns for reactivating old clients and generating referrals.
  • You get the power of the drag-and-drop editor that allows anyone to craft beautiful and modern webpages, squeeze pages, opt-ins and newsletters.
  • You get professional grade interaction tracking with timeline graphs, detailed open rates, interaction reports, and much more.
  • You get Facebook marketing integration so that you can suck out new leads and clients from the social media giant!

You can be confident that every part of FitPro Newsletter™ is done for you. When I said you can put your client attraction and referral generation on autopilot, I wasn't exaggerating at all.

And your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. Use the FitPro Newsletter™ system for a full 60 days in your personal training or boot camp business and THEN decide if it's right for you. If it's not, simply contact my office for a no hassle refund.

60 Day Unconditional Money Back Guarantee

I want you to try FitPro for a full 60 days and see that this is the best, most powerful business building technology that you have ever used. If for any reason you decide that FitPro is not right for you just send an email to us at or cancel from within your account and we will issue you a full refund, no questions asked.

Don't Fall For the Single Biggest 
Myth That Keeps Personal 
Trainers From Attracting More Clients 
and Generating More Referrals

So what is the "single biggest myth" I talked about at the beginning of this message? Simple.

It's that attracting clients and generating referrals for your personal training business is hard.

It's simply not true... provided you have the right tools and know how to use them. As a FitPro Newsletter™ subscriber, you don't have to worry about a thing. Once you sign-up and setup your account, everything will be done for you.

The only question you have to ask yourself is, "How many clients can you handle?" To get started, simply enter your information in the form below:

60 Day No-Risk Subscription Form
Yes! I want to use FitPro Newsletter™ to put my client attraction and referral generation on autopilot! I am ready to benefit from a completely “done for me” system for generating leads, clients and referrals. I understand that my satisfaction is completely guaranteed and that I have a full 60 days to try out the system at zero risk to me! On that basis, I'm signing up for my first 30 days for only $1 using the box below.
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Bedros Keuilian CEO

P.S. Before you go, I want to give you one more business building secret that most personal trainers will never, EVER know. Making sure you know this could mean the difference between years of struggle and a very successful fitness business.

Here's the secret:

Marketing is a process, NOT an event. That's why sending out a single mailing and hoping and praying is not a successful business building strategy.

If you're going to be successful in this business, you simply must have some system in place that automatically generates prospects, clients and referrals. There's simply no way around it.

Luckily, you found the FitPro Newsletter™, so EVERYTHING is taken care of for you.

P.P.S. Once you become a FitPro Newsletter™ subscriber, you instantly go from being a "personal trainer trying to sell your services" to a savvy marketer on the search for more people who want valuable information about health and fitness.

At that point, building your list of newsletter subscribers becomes your #1 marketing priority.

To help you do that, I'd like to send you a copy of a special report called, "How To Triple Your Newsletter Subscriber List In 90 Days Or Less!"

Unfortunately, this report is not for sale.

Instead, it's FREE when you become a FitPro Newsletter™ member.

This special report outlines 5 effective methods for building your list fast, including how to generate free publicity by getting the attention of the media.

You'll also learn an effective way to "borrow" the credibility of other professionals like chiropractors, physical therapists, cosmetic surgeons, and massage therapists to help build YOUR list of newsletter subscribers and potential clients.

All you have to do to get it is start your 30 day FitPro Newsletter™ trial for only $1...

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