FitPro Newsletter™ is the Only Automated Lead Generation, Email Marketing, E-Newsletter, and Client Follow Up System Designed For Fitness Professional and Guaranteed To:

  • Get You More Leads, Prospects, and Clients
  • Boost Client Retention
  • Grow Your Email Subscriber List
  • Stimulate Client Referrals
  • Position You as the Local Fitness Expert
  • Automatically Reactivate Lost Clients
  • Simplify and Automate Online and Social Media Marketing

Imagine if you had an automated fitness email marketing system that got you more leads, referrals, and clients, positioned you as the top fitness authority in your area, built instant credibility, boosted client retention, and built your email list for you all while on auto pilot.

That's why thousands of fitness professionals (personal trainers, boot camp operators, and gyms worldwide use and trust FitPro Newsletter™ – because it puts your ENTIRE fitness marketing funnel, email list building, and client getting system on autopilot.

Each week FitPro Newsletter™ automatically delivers content rich newsletters to your clients and prospects, on your behalf, without you writing a single word. The result... more new personal training or boot camp clients, increased retention, qualified leads, more referrals AND more money for you.

What FitPro Newsletter™ Can Do for Your Fitness Business

Automatically deliver content rich emails and newsletters to clients and prospects without writing a single article, tip, or recipe.
Burn your service, solution and message into your prospect’s mind!

You want more clients – marketing is everything. But you don't have the time to do it yourself. You're too busy training clients and managing your fitness business and trying to make time for your own workout and family time. The last thing you want to do is spend several hours each week thinking up fresh content, fitness tips, recipes, writing articles, formatting email newsletter broadcasts, and writing list building reports. Instead let FitPro Newsletter™ deliver weekly, fresh, content rich newsletters and emails to your clients and prospects each month on your behalf – all while on autopilot. FitPro Newsletter will even post your email newsletter to your Facebook page so that you can build a bigger email list of qualified leads and prospects.

Burn your service, solution and message into your prospect’s mind!

You never know when someone is ready to hire a personal trainer or wants to come to your fitness boot camp – but when they are ready, you want them to think of you and not your competitors, right? And that's how FitPro Newsletter™ keeps your marketing message "front of mind" and positions you as the local fitness authority - resulting in more leads, more referrals, and more clients.

Stimulate client referrals and generate new leads month after month

Each content rich email newsletter is crafted to move people to action, promote lead generation and stimulate client referrals. FitPro Newsletter™ makes it easy for your clients to ‘refer a friend' and for your prospects to ‘request a consultation.’ It’s all built into the system which is designed to make your life easier. Our built in automated referral generation and consultation forms deliver new leads and prospects to your inbox around the clock. Plus they get your phone to ring with interested buyers. Best of all, it does all this 24 hours a day, 7 days a week– even while you sleep. FitPro Newsletter does way more than send out emails, auto-responders and manage youour email list. Unlike the other email management products out there, FitPro Newsletter is custom made with your specific needs in mind and that’s why is does a whole lot more than what those other guys do.

Personal trainer marketing... now automated!

By now you know that the fastest way to grow your fitness business and to get more clients is to get your community to know, like, and trust you. Nothing is more powerful than list building, email marketing, and social media marketing to help you accomplish these goals. But email marketing can be pretty painstaking to do. That's why we've added an ever growing library of high converting, promotional emails that are prewritten and ready-to-use. Just select the promotion you want to run and click “send” – it's that easy. These ready-to-use email promotions have been used and tested by thousands of fitness professionals and they CONVERT!

Quickly build and manage your list of subscribers with ready-to-use lead generators and low barrier offers

When it comes to marketing your gym, personal training, or boot camp business there is no better way to guarantee success than by building a targeted and loyal email list of newsletter subscribers from your community. FitPro Newsletter™ gives you professionally written and ready-to-use lead generation opt-ins such as ebooks, reports, and newsletter subscription forms for your website.

List building, lead or clients generation has never been easier!

  • Get Done-For-You Squeeze Pages, Sales Pages, and “Thank You” Pages
  • Professionally Designed eBook Opt In Forms To Give Away
  • Pop-Up Forms and Link Pop-Up Lead Generators
  • Consultation Forms and Lead Generation Forms
Social media traffic, leads, clients and referrals – easy and automated.
Each time your weekly newsletter goes out, FitPro Newsletter™ will automatically generate a “web version” of your newsletter and auto post a link to your newsletter web page onto your Facebook page and Twitter wall taking lead generation to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL!
Promote other services, products, and affiliate programs to generate passive income.
Get the most from your fitness email marketing newsletter by maximizing your list. Do you offer other products, services, or affiliate programs that can help your subscribers and clients achieve their goals faster? Embed offers, text links and affiliate links into your emails and newsletter and start generating a passive income stream instantly.
Social media traffic, leads, clients and referrals – easy and automated.
Each time your weekly newsletter goes out, FitPro Newsletter™ will automatically generate a “web version” of your newsletter and auto post a link to your newsletter web page onto your Facebook page and Twitter wall taking lead generation to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL!

Your Newsletter is Fully Customizable. YOU get total creative control.

Give your e-newsletter your personal look and feel with custom headers, footers, colors, and format with our easy-to-use newsletter editor.
Easily add content, edit content, or remove any part of the newsletter you wish to fit your specific training philosophy. Our easy drag and drop systems make editing and customizing your newsletter easy. Choose from over 20 professionally designed newsletter templates, 20 page templates, and 15 list builder templates. Fully customize every detail or simply choose your favorite done-for-you style. Access our database of hundreds of past newsletters, email broadcasts, articles and recipes or edit the done-for-you content to fit your unique needs. And you're never alone... if you ever need help, we will always be there to guide you along with our world-class support team.

Automatic Referral Generation and Autoresponder System

Automate your referral generation system with the FitPro Newsletter™ 28-day perpetual referral generating auto-responder system. Here's how it works.
When you get a new client, simply add their email address to the "perpetual referrals generation" system and FitPro Newsletter™ does the rest. Over the next 28 days this amazing system reaches out to your clients and encourages them to send you more referrals.
Facebook Fan Page Squeeze Page Lead Generators
Getting more personal training and boot camp client just got easier! Now you can easily drop any of the 15 ready-to-use FitPro Newsletter™ squeeze pages right into your Facebook fan page and start getting more leads, prospects and clients. All FitPro Newsletter™ list builders and opt-ins can also be dropped into your fan page so that you can instantly start building a bigger email list and through Facebook ads, Facebook Sponsored Stories, and viral traffic.
BRAND NEW! Link Opt-in Popup Squeeze Pages
Access the list-building power of the opt-in popup and never lose prospects due to shopping cart abandonment. Now, your opt-in popup will show immediately after a client clicks a link on a page created in our editor. This helps ensure that the most interested prospects make it onto your list and receive your newsletters, broadcasts, offers and promotions.
Done For You & Ready To Use Email Promotions
Your FitPro Newsletter™ account comes fully loaded with pre-written, ready to use email campaigns designed to bring in new clients and referrals at the push of a button. Every email campaign is pre-crafted for you. All you have to do is add in your contact information and hit "send".