Why is a newsletter so important for marketing my personal training business?

Quite simply, a newsletter is the fastest, easiest, and most economical way to communicate with your clients and prospects on a consistent basis. Let's face it, if you want to earn the business of your prospects you've got to consistently keep your message in front of them – and that's exactly what FitPro can do for you.

In addition, since FitPro is professionally written and specifically crafted to build relationships, you'll find that it's easier than ever to attract and retain loyal cash paying clients.

Why should I use an online newsletter?

There are three key benefits for using an online newsletter to grow your fitness business.

1. Almost everyone uses email today, which means your online newsletter will have maximum delivery and effectiveness over any other marketing system.

2. Unlike an offline newsletter, an online newsletter keeps your clients just one click away from your website, products, and services.

3. An online newsletter is more cost effective than snail mail, and takes virtually no effort to create and send.

I don't have a website, can I still benefit from FitPro Newsletter?

Yes, you sure can. You don't need a website to have an online newsletter. All you need is an email address and you're ready to use your FitPro. In fact, your membership also includes three offline ready-to-use lead generators so that you can grow your newsletter subscriber list quickly!

I am not Internet or computer savvy, how easy is this to use?

Actually, you don't need any Internet or computer skills at all! If you can check your email – that's all the "technical" skills you'll need. Really, it's that simple!

How do you make sure my subscribers receive my newsletter?

We have invested heavily in our servers and software. We use the same technology that Dell, Coca-Cola, IBM, Motorolla and the Pentagon rely on. We also have relationships with all the major email providers to make sure your newsletters get delivered. Because of our expertise and investment in this area our delivery rates are over 98%.

When does the newsletter go out to my subscribers?

Your newsletter will be automatically emailed to your subscriber list once a week - every Monday. Of course you have full flexibility and can choose to have your newsletter deliver weekly, bi-monthly or once a month.

How many subscribers slots do I get with FitPro Newsletter?

You get a generous 10,000 subscriber capacity when you join, and every account is expandable to 20,000 subscribers!

Can I add my own articles, tips, and recipes?

Yes! In fact, you are free to modify the existing content or if you want to add your own - go for it – it's easy as pie!

Why can't I just do a newsletter on my own?

You could, but wouldn't you rather focus your time, energy, and effort with your clients?

Plus, FitPro is specifically crafted to move people to action, to build relationships, to generate leads and to position you as the expert - all while on autopilot.

And you never have to worry about writing an article, managing your subscribers, or delivering your newsletter. It's all done automatically and hassle-free! No other online newsletter service can compete.

Is my subscriber list protected in any way?

Absolutely! We provide advanced secure server SSL encryption to protect you and your subscriber list. And our servers and systems are professionally maintained by one of the most trusted names in internet technology.

How much does it cost to join FitPro Newsletter?

You could pay as little as $1.21/day depending on which one of the following programs you select. Join month-to-month for only $69.95/month. Or pay every twelve months at only $49.95/month – billed annually. Or pay every 24 months for $39.95/m (and get 2 bonus months free). The choice is yours and there is never a cancellation fee!

I have a website, how can FitPro work with my website?

FitPro will turn your website into a 24-hour referral generating machine. With your membership you get four "opt-ins" (list builders) to strategically place on your site. These "opt-ins" are crafted to entice your web site visitors to request a free report/ebook.

When a site visitor "opts-in" they get a free report via email that positions you as the expert. They are also automatically subscribed to your newsletter. With these ready-to-use built-in "list builders" you can rest assured that your subscriber and client lists will quickly grow.

How do subscribers "opt out" of the newsletter? This is important to protect my client base.

We've added an "unsubscribe" link at the bottom of your newsletter and broadcasts (this is required by law). When your subscribers click this text link they are instantly removed from your subscriber list. You can also unsubscribe someone through your trainer administration section.

I’m from the UK, is there a language setting for British English?

Yes. All weekly newsletter content such as recipes, articles and tips can be broadcasted in British English.

I am a trainer in Canada and have to abide by the new Canada Anti-Spam laws. Can I still use FitPro?

You can definitely use FitPro. We have modified our features for our Canadian users. We have put extra disclaimers and information on all list builder forms to help you successfully build your list. FitPro Newsletter is compliant to Canadian Anti-Spam laws and regulations.

Will I be able to see who opened my newsletters?

All newsletter, broadcasts, and autoresponders have interaction tracking. You will be able to see who clicked and opened your emails and the ability to resend only to contacts that did not open your email.

How can I determine the activity of all contacts on my list?

Our contact activity stream feature and our click/open timeline graph are available for all your newsletters and broadcasts. This will allow you to see your inactive and active email addresses.

I would like to send out birthday messages to all my prospects and clients. Can Fit Pro Newsletter send out additional messages besides the newsletter?

Our birthday recognition feature will allow you to send automated birthday messages to your all your contacts.

I would like the best possible open rate. Can I edit and create my own subject line?

We know that your open rate is very important. Our ‘Subject Finder’ allows you to view the top performing subject lines from all users of fit pro newsletter.

How many contacts can I add manually to my account without sending a confirmation link?

You will have a monthly unconfirmed contact limit of 100 contacts per month. This means you can instantly activate 100 contacts per month to your list.

Will my newsletter and squeeze pages have a link showing fitproconnect.com. I don’t want my contacts to see that I am using your service for content.

You can use our custom domain name for all fit pro squeeze pages and files you create which will help you disguise the link.

Does everyone on fit pro newsletter use the same newsletter content each week? I don’t want my content to be the same as other gyms or trainers nearby.

In our newsletter archives, you will have access to choose any newsletter content you would like each week. You will have full access to hundreds of articles, recipes, tips, past newsletters, and broadcasts. There is also over 20 newsletter and broadcast templates. On top of all this content, you can easily customize any content in your newsletter with our drag and drop editor to separate yourself from other gyms and trainers.